Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 3 February 1869
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                              Gallipolis, O., Feb. 3rd 1869
J. P. Aleshire        Bennett House
           Shelbyville Ind
                   D[ear]sir= We recd Acc Sales 536 Bsls
flour from Lamb & Thomas & Co this evening= Prices
of Breadstuffs seem to be getting lower in the
Eastern markets at present= Good Penn. Red
winter wheat sold at $1.75 in Phila so Hoffman
& Kennedy advise us= think you had
better not be too anxious to buy but take
time= You may come across a car load
Hill wheat at about $1.80 or 85= also small
lot good white [illegible] "A"= by
pulling 2 Run on Hill & 1 on white yet
we down want much of this wheat unless
at low figures= "A" flour will bring in Phila
$11 50 and Andrews $9.75 to $10 00 = these prices
would justify $200 for white wheat on board=
will send $200000 to[day] 1st Nat Bk to morrow
Langley has been trying to run all day [?]
for some cause or other she wont go off
right.                           Yours
                                      Copied by Efa



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