Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 5 February 1869
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                               Gallipolis, O., Feb 5 1869

 J.P. Aleshire Esq
                             We recieved a letter of
3rd inst this P.M. from Sherk & Short Green-
strong offering us two car loads of wheat on
board in our sacks at $1.60 requesting
our answer by Telegraph. We relied
will take wheat. Sir Jospeh Aleshire-
not knowing where you was we concluded
this required a prompt answer, as we
notice wheat has advanced 5 cents in
cincinnati. We hesitated some about our reply-
-ing When you left cincinnati you ought
to have telegraphed us so we would know
your whereabouts We think you will get
better bargains in Greenburgh Shelbyville
and other [illegible] in that region- of this
you will be able to judge from your
freight rates- We wrote transfer Co to
send 280 sacks to Sherk & Short
unless you can have previously ordered
let us hear from you [illegible]
over: R Aleshire
[written in margin] your letter of 3 inst per [illegible] recieved

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