Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 7 December 1868
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                           Gallipolis, O., Dec 7th 1868
J. P. Aleshire Esq
                               Sir- we are in reciept of
your Telegram of to day- Viz Chicago. N York
firmer Your cash. Edinburg-[?] Seventy Eight-
(1.78)= Which we think should read- flour(4)
cars+ We wrote you in detail per R.R.
Hudson. Which we trust you have received-
Want you to buy not less than ten tho-
-usand Bushels No 1. Wheat before you return.
The Shelbyville wheat is cheaper at 1.70 than
the cincinnati Elevator no 1. is at 1.75. The-
-refore if you can buy at 1.70 in Shelbyville
with you special freight rate do so--
7 P.M. mail just recieved nothing from you
except your Lafayette letter- We want good
wheat. have you no doubt your Greensburg wheat
is good enough to make andrews- L. Thomas&Co
are scolding. Baying out of Andrews at $10.75
we have 150 bags wheat on wharf Bt from
you. hauled up the Wasson Morgan&Co wheat
to day. will haul yours tomorrow_ Will send
$2000 to bank tomorrow per Fleetwood and
500 sacks to C.L. Co               R. Aleshire &Co




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