Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 18 August 1871
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                                   New York, August 18 1871
Dear Mother
                  I have just received your lenghty letter
and will at least now begin a letter in reply thereto
whether I will be able to conclude my letter today I am
unable to say as a business call may at any time require
my attention and in that event your letter (as lawyers say)
"will have to go off until tomorrow."
               Having thus prefaced my letter I will go at
once to the discussion of the controversy I have been most
unfortunately forced into and if during the discussion
of this most unfortunate affair I say things and revert
to matters that occasion you unpleasant reflections.
I only ask that "you put your self in my place" and I
know that you will blame me less than otherwise
would do.
          You say Venie has written me about the trouble and
seem to blame her for having done so. First let me dispose
of the fact or rather event. of that writing on her part could
you expect her to do otherwise, do you think there could
be perfect harmony between a wife and husband if either
had secrets from the other? I think in this you will agree
with me, and most certainly will you do so. when I
tell you that I have required of Venie that she make
me her confidant in all things and hear my advice
and I believe she keeps nothing from me, and I am
not displeased that she wrote me about this most
unfortunate occurrence. had she failed to have

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