Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item3)
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                    Head Qrs 18th Battery O.V.A.
  Camp opposite Lookout Mountain Tenn Oct 1,63

   Mrs. Aleshire
           Gallipolis O.
                         My Dear Mother
                                                Your favor of
the 16th inst come to hand this evening. I
will reply immediately not knowing
what tomorrow may bring forth.
    It commence raining yesterday about
dark and we have been blessed with
a continuous rain ever since. You
can judge of our comfort when I
tell you we have received no tents,
yet, but make a shelter of the pau-
lins with our ordinance.
     We left Bridge fort on the 12th inst
and untill last night I have never
slept under shelter of any kind,
nor even changed my clothing yet
not having the duds to make the
change. Many mornings I have
woke up hearing the cannons roar
and finding my self almost wet
with dew, but it has rather ten-
ded to make me feel particular-
ly well, than otherwise. This ex-
posure may tell in the course of
time, but I do not feel the ef-
fects of it now.

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