Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 31 March 1869
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item4)
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            Fort Jefferson Florida. DryTorugas
                        March 31st 1869.

My Dear Mother
             I expect you think that I
have entirely forgotten you. but I
assure you such is not the case
for the last three months I have
neglected every body. I have not
even answered the letters I have
received. By this mail I send
Ned a long letter. he will no doubt
read your parts of it and when
you have heard that letter you
will be fully advised as to
the cause why I have neglec-
ted to write. Of course I did
not wish to write home about
my trouble. and should not have
written to Ned about it now but
feared the matter was known
there and wished to put Ned





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