Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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                           Head Qrs. 18th Battery O.V.A.
 Franklin Tenn. Monday Evening May 4. 1863

   Dear Mother,
            Your letter of April 16th was received sever-
al days ago. and I would have answered it before now.
but for want of something to write about and even
now I have nothing of special interest to commu-
nicate. Edmond T Caiting Esq. did not come to
Franklin. he having met Lt. Regnier at Nash-
ville. who had started home.
      Lemons are to be had here but like every
thing else that we have to purchase they cost
almost their weight in money. Common Cot-
ton sacks of the poorest King [kind] cost 60¢ per
pair and an ordinary article costs 75-
as for getting sick when warm weather comes
to be sure. I am liable to get sick. but I
dont think I will as I am the only one
of my battery who has never taken a dose
of medicine or I have not taken even
one pill yet and hope it will always
be so. I feel as bright as any one possi-
bly can. I never was more healthy in
my life or felt better. I am in good

First Lieutenant Henry A. Regnier

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