Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 17 June 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd6 Item4)
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                          Athens, Ohio, June 17 1878

Joseph P. Aleshire Esq.
              Hot Springs Arkansas
                Dear Brother:
                    I received your letter of the 13 th inst.
from Joe Mullineaux after we left in carriage sunday
morning for this place, told him to get my letters;
We left at six o'clock in the morning and ar=
rived here at about four o'clock P.M. Joe
and Dr. Sanns came here to see Charles Mull[?]
at Asly Assylum, we stopped there an hour
yesterday. Schre[?] was not there and
of course said nothing about matters to any
one else. I came here to see Judge Knowles
about [?] case.
            I wrote you since hearing from you all I
knew about Vance case. and I do not want
to know more than I do, to convince me or any
one else of same mind; of his quiet in the
jewelry matter. he is playing the insane
dodge again. but I think he is a great


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