Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 13 June 1878
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               Gallipolis, O. June 13 1878
J.P. Aleshire
               Hot Springs Dear Joe
                        Yours of the 9th here
& noted=  I have been writing you
at time when I knew no one else
was writing & when others wrote I held
off= I wrote you of my letter to
New Carmer[?] &Co & proposition as to
a loan / 2000. giving our gas stock
as security= Well  this morning we
had their answer=  I quote= "In
"regard to the request of young Mr.
"E.A.S. & J.P.A. for a loan of 2000.
"for one year, we desire to say that
"we will agree to advance the amt
"and take note R. Aleshire & Co & the gas
"stock in security for payt but
"as money is only worth 6 per ct
"we would not presume to in a
"loan of this kind to ask our friend
" to pay more than that rate for it=
["]The interest you can pay twice annu


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