Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 15 June 1878
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item3)
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                    Gallipolis, O. June 15 1878
J.P. Aleshire
            Hot Springs Ark
                     Dear Joe=  Yours 12th here
and noted Yesterday & today I have
been under the weather Stayed at home
slept two to three hours in the afternoon
Where nothing particular doing This
Morning I took 4 pills & they [illegible]
me up effectuatly=  I think I will be
all right next week now I am
getting along amazingly with this
"American Seprosy" as Dr. Samms calls
it=  If I make as much improve
-much in the next month as in the
last, think I will about get it
cured up temporarily any how=
I hardly am bothered with it itching
now= Dont notice it but I am
going to stick to my treatment
& kill it entirely if possible=
I enclose a [illegible] giving you
wheat & flour both for last
 week others, amt  & avg hence


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