Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 20 June 1883
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item5)
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                  Gallipolis, O. Mch 20 1883

J. P. Aleshire Esq
                 Indianapolis, Ind.
                     Dear Joe=  There was a long
and interesting letter came here for
you from [Illegible] this morning=
my encouraging satisfactory=  we all
consulted here as to wiring you
I drew up a form of the telegram this
was sent= My idea in asking you
to answer, was that we might
know when you will where to
find you= [Illegible] wants to see
you, and as he was in New Orleans
on the 17th and would leave there for
Chicago, probably sunday night, he
is in Chicago now= He goes from
there to NY but Judging from his
letter, he will be in Chicago a day
or two for he says in his letter
for "You to write him there" (Chicago)
And I thought as Harry suggested, that
you had better Just go up to Chicago
and see him= Thinking the telegram
was clear and expicit and that
you will see [Illegivle] and that
your fondest anticipations will
be realized, I remain
                                  Your Bro.
                                   E. Aleshire



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