Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 5 June 1878
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item1)
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                    Gallipolis, O. June 5th 1878

J.P. Aleshire
             Hot Springs Ark
                     Dear Joe
                        Yours here & noted=
glad to hear from you hope your
trip will be beneficial- I returned
from a trip Sunday night- not very
successful one But worked up through=
we are doing large business now=
Shipping 100 sacs every day= running
day & night Orders by Brow last
night 7lb Bls flour Prices= down
to hard [illegible] that is of wheat
.90c on whft Boat here for the best
75 to 90 is the range= making the
fur fly I tell you= 75c will be
price new wheat= Just had John
McCullough here 1300 to 1600 bus=
Let him go= only difference believe
us was the fit Jim Capehard here
today also & fit split us You had
better believe it is lucky here= If
I can possibly get away will


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