Photograph of Kim Johnson Kim Johnson at the FOOTMAD festival, Gandeville, West Virginia, September 1997.

“ELZIC'S FAREWELL” by Kim Johnson: On the liner notes to an album by the same name recorded by French Carpenter and Jenes Cottrell (Kanawha Records 301), this piece is described as an old bag pipe tune brought from England by Carpenter’s ancestors. The notes claim that no other person plays this tune so perhaps Kim learned it from Wilson Douglas, who learned it from French Carpenter. In any event, this tune is a classic combination of old time fiddle and banjo, two instruments first played together by slaves in the American South. The fiddle and the banjo now form the basis of the contemporary revival of old time Appalachian music with the fiddle taking the melodic lead and the banjo used as backup rhythm. Kim Johnson on banjo with Wilson Douglas on fiddle and Leslie Green on acoustic guitar.

PERFORMANCE:   “Elzic’s Farwell”

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