Photograph of Pam Lund, Pam Lund at Davis & Elkins College, October 1997.   Photo by Geoff Eacker

PAM LUND was born in Kentucky and grew up listening to the Beatles, whose music she credits with developing her ear for music. At nineteen she moved to Florida where she took banjo lessons and eventually taught banjo at a music shop in Hollywood. “I wandered into the Banjo Shop one day and was looking for a fiddle and they didn’t have any fiddles but they had banjos. So I bought a banjo.”

A friend told her that if she liked old-time banjo music she should go to West Virginia and meet the Hammons family. She came to Pocahontas County, WV, in 1980 and fell in love with the mountains and the music. She has lived there ever since. “I live in a little shack, a one-room shack, without water, without electricity. I have kerosene lamps. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Initially worried about being accepted as an outsider into a close-knit community, she soon found that she was “welcome wherever I bring my banjo.”

Pam had a music store in Pocahontas County until the Greenbrier River washed it away in 1992. Today she gives banjo lessons to the children in the community. Her students include the grandchildren of the Hammons family, whose parents never learned the music of their ancestors. Since she gained so much from the Hammons, Pam believes it is only fair that she give these kids back their own musical heritage.

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INTERVIEW:   Audio, Part 1 / Audio, Part 2Transcription, Pt. 2 only
(Part 1 is a recording of a banjo workshop, conducted by Pam Lund, and there is no transcription)

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