Nelson Bond kept records of foreign language rights to stories sold, and royalty payments for such stories reprinted in foreign language books and anthologies. However, he does not know in every case the actual title of the book, or even if a story, whose rights he sold, was ever published. Some stories have been reprinted overseas without his permission or knowledge.








“Stowaway,” Astounding Science-Fiction (Aug 1939).

“Cartwright's Camera,” Street & Smith's Unknown (Nov 1940).

“Legacy,” Astounding Science-Fiction (Dec 1940).

“Magic City,” Astounding Science-Fiction (Feb 1941).

“The Ring of Iscariot,” Illustrated (6 Nov 1943).

“Take My Drum to England,” Unknown Worlds (Spring 1947).

“The Fountain,”  Unknown Worlds (Summer 1947)

“Occupation: Demigod,” Unknown Worlds (Summer 1948).

“Prescience,” Unknown Worlds (Summer 1949).

“Conquerors Isle,” Argosy (May 1950).

“The Monster,” Argosy  (Aug 1950).

“Exiles in Time, British edition advance received May 5, 1952.

“To People a New World,” in August Derleth, ed., Beachheads in Space, (London: Four Square Books, 1957).

“This Is The Land,” in August Derleth, ed., The Outer Reaches, (London: Consol Books 1963 [1964]).

“And Lo! The Bird,” August Derleth, ed., Far Boundaries, pb (London: Consol Books, 1965).

“Mask of Medusa,” in August Derleth, ed., The Night Side,  (London: Four Square Books, 1966).

“Conquerors’ Isle, in August Derleth, ed., The Other Side of the Moon, (London: Mayflower, 1966).

“The Cunning of the Beast,” in Mayo Mohs, ed., Other Worlds, Other Gods, pb (England: New English Library, 1977).

“The Voice from the Curious Cube,” in Isaac Asimov, et al., eds. 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (England: Robson, 1979).

“Mr. Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies,” in Peter Heining, ed., Tune in for Fear (London: William Kimber, 1985).

“And Lo! the Bird,” in Michael O’Shaughnesey, ed., The Monster Book of Monsters (London: Xanadu, 1988).

“Nothing in the Rules,” in Mike Asley, ed., The Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy (London: Robinson Publishing, 2000).

The Remarkable Exploits of Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman. (London: New Lightning Source, 2005, print-on-demand.)


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