Nelson Bond kept records of foreign language rights to stories sold, and royalty payments for such stories reprinted in foreign language books and anthologies. However, he does not know in every case the actual title of the book, or even if a story, whose rights he sold, was ever published. Some stories have been reprinted overseas without his permission or knowledge.


“Wedding Gift,” Danish rights sold, 31 Jul 1946.

“Den gamle bogkælder,” (“The Bookshop”), Cavalcade, nu. 4 (1947)

“Det forheksede Kamera,” (“Cartwright's Camera”), Uge-Revyen (Dec 1947).

“Mr. Mergentwirkers plejebørn” (“Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies”), Uge-Revyen (May 1950).

“My Nephew Norvell,” Danish rights sold, 22 Jun 1950.

“Manden, der kunne gå gennem glas,” (“Man Who Walked Through Glass”), Uge-Revyen (Jul 1950).

“Egbert Haw's usædvablige talent,”  (“The Remarkable Talent of Egbert Haw”), Uge-Revyen (Aug 1950).

Den Gamle Bogkælder (“The Bookshop”) (Copenhagen: Selskabet Bogvennerne, 1954).

“The Silent Planet,” Danish rights sold, 11 Dec 1958.

“On Schedule,” Danish anthology, title and publisher not known, royalty payment received 28 Feb 1966.



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