Nelson Bond kept records of foreign language rights to stories sold, and royalty payments for such stories reprinted in foreign language books and anthologies. However, he does not know in every case the actual title of the book, or even if a story, whose rights he sold, was ever published. Some stories have been reprinted overseas without his permission or knowledge.



感傷的な男  (Vital Factor), in Science Fiction Magazine (Mar 1953).

 宇宙人ビッグスの冒険  (Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman), Japan: Tatuski Kameyama, 1960.

SF作家失格 (“The Abduction of Abner Greer”) in Frederick Brown & Mack Reynolds, eds., Science Fiction Carnival  (Japan: Sogen Science Fiction), 1964.

 宇宙人ビッグスの冒険  (Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman), (Japan: Tatuski Kameyama, 1973).

過去からの声 (“The Voice from the Curious Cube”) in Isaac Asimov, et al., eds., 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (Japan: Kodansha, 1979).

鏡の中を歩いた男 (The Man Who Walked through Glass)Fantastic Notion (Jun 1980).

 宇宙人ビッグスの冒険  (Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman), (Japan: Tatuski Kameyama, 1983).


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