Nelson Bond's popularity continues  many decades after his stories originally appeared. Evidence of this are the sites on the World Wide Web that are devoted to his writing career. He is  recognized as a significant figure in the halcyon days of fantasy and science fiction writing for pulp magazines.





WWW Pages Devote To Nelson Bond

> Nelson Bond: Looking Back (Locus Magazine Interview)
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> Peter Ruber, “Nelson S. Bond, Master Pulpster”
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> Paul Denis, “Nelson S. Bond”
> Ben P. Indick, “Publisher's Weekly Talks with Nelson Bond”
> Rubrik's Funny Fantasy - Nelson Bond
> Liste des ouvrages ecrits par Nelson Slade Bond
> Nelson Bond, Playwright
> A Guide to Supernatural Fiction: Nelson Bond
> Nelson Slade Bond - Japanese Translations
> Nelson Slade Bond - Russian Translations
> Nelson Slade Bond - French Translations
> Nelson Slade Bond - Swedish Translations

WWW Pages about Sci-Fi & Fantasy

> Guide to Pulps & Magazines in Britain, Canada & Australia
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