Nelson Bond is best known for his fiction, particularly his fantasy and science fiction, but during his lengthy career he also wrote numerous non-fiction articles for popular magazines, covering such diverse subjects as religion, hunting/fishing, youth, writing/publishing, and travel.


“Albacore Avenue,” Hunter-Trader-Trapper (Jul 1937).

“Also Some Lima Beans,” Outdoorsman (Dec 1944)

“Ancient Mariner, 1936,” Toronto Star Weekly (Oct 1936)

“Angles with Apples,” Photographical Digest (Mar 1937).

“Augusta's Venerable Churches,” The Christian Advocate (Cincinnati) (8 Sep 1938).

“Bagpipes and Lobsters,” Toronto Star Weekly (Aug 1936)

“Bagpipes of Braemar,” The Etude (May 1937).

“Beans without Boredom,” The Southern Sportsman (Jan 1937).

“Big Fish Off Nova Scotia,” Globe (Sep 1937).

“A Big Job by Remote Control,” R. L. Polk & Co., 1938.

“The Biggest Little Front in Philly,” R. L. Polk & Co., 1937 (Written with Jack Creamer, not published).

“A Bottle in the Backwoods,” The Southern Sportsman (Aug 1937).

“The Boy Who Followed the Star,” Young People's Paper (Aug 1938).

“Building Trade with a Capital Tea,” American Druggist (1937).

“Cashing in on Community Spirit,” American Druggist (1936).

“Doakes McBathwater: Salesman,” Sales Management (1 May 1935).

“Double Exposure land,” The Highway Traveler (Aug-Sept 1937).

“Easy as A-B-C,” Writer's Digest (May 1942).

“Evangeline's Land, 200 Years Later,” Young People Reader (Sep 1937).



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