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Nelson Bond is best known for his fiction, particularly his fantasy and science fiction, but during his lengthy career he also wrote numerous non-fiction articles for popular magazines, covering such diverse subjects as religion, hunting/fishing, youth, writing/publishing, and travel.


“The Farm in the Mountains by the Sea,” The Christian Advocate (18 Jun 1936).

“The First 1,000 Words,” Writer's Digest (Nov 1940).

First Peek (Promotion booklet for WSLS-TV Station). Roanoke, VA, 1955.

“First Social Club in America Still Meets,” The Pennac (Jul 1936).

“For Fun...and For Free,” Roanoke Radius (Jul 1956).

“40 Miles of Insulation,” The Carey Clearing House (Dec 1937).

“Forty-five Hours from Broadway,” The Spur (Jun 1935).

“Four of a Kind,” Hunter-Trader-Trapper (Apr 1937).

“Good Cheer, Ltd,” The Wheel (1937).

“A Hint from Mother Goose,” International Grocer (Jul 1937).

“How to Write a TV Script,” Writer's Digest (Feb 1953).

“I Pulled Out of a Quicksand Death,” Personal Adventures (Jan 1938).

“I Wish I Had Written That,” Masque #7 (1950).

“I Wrote my Own Way Through College,” The Scholastic Editor (Apr 1936).

“I'm Getting Out of Radio,” Writer's Digest (Jul 1950).

“In the Land of the Leif the Lucky,” Trailer Caravan (Sep 1937).

“The Itch for Which There Is No Balm,” Writer's Digest (Jun 1951).

“It's All a Matter of Timing,” Writer's Digest (Oct 1940).

“It's Done with the Wrist,” Field and Stream (Mar 1938).


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