Nelson Bond is best known for his fiction, particularly his fantasy and science fiction, but during his lengthy career he also wrote numerous non-fiction articles for popular magazines, covering such diverse subjects as religion, hunting/fishing, youth, writing/publishing, and travel.


“Lady on the Line!” The Toronto Star (23 Jul 1938) [as told by Capt. Herman P. Gray to Nelson S. Bond].

“Lassie of Auld Syne,” The Classmate (29 Apr 1939).

“Laugh and the World Laughs with You,” [Publication not known]

“Lobsters and Kilties,” Globe (Jul 1937).

“Long Ago House,” The Canadian Home Journal (Apr 1937).

“Luck at Lake William,” Nature Notes (Mar 1938).

“Man Wanted!” Sales Management (1 Feb 1935).

“A Modern Village of Long Ago,” The Christian Advocate (7 Oct 1937).

“Network Nutwork,” Blue Book (Jun 1944).

“Nova Scotia Facts,” Philadelphia Record (20 Jan 1937).

“Nova Scotia for the Cruiser,” Motorboat (Mar 1936).

“Nova Scotia Gypsum,” Rock Products (1937).





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