Nelson Bond is best known for his fiction, particularly his fantasy and science fiction, but during his lengthy career he also wrote numerous non-fiction articles for popular magazines, covering such diverse subjects as religion, hunting/fishing, youth, writing/publishing, and travel.


“Odd Churches of Nova Scotia,” The Christian Advocate (11 Feb 1937).

“Ounces of Energy,” Hunter-Trader-Trapper (Dec 1937).

“Our Labrador Stamp,” Blue Book (May 1944).

“The Outsider's Angle,” Writer's Monthly (Aug 1937).

“Oxen Rule the Roads,” Our Dumb Animals (Jan 1937).

"Pape's Map of Poictesme,” Kalki (1988).

“The Professional Look,” Writer's Digest (Apr 1955).

“Rewriting Fiction for Radio,” Writer's Digest (Jun 1943).

“The Road To What You Will," The Trailer Caravan (Aug 1936).

“Script Tease,” Writer's Digest (May 1945).

“See the World Through Glass,” [Pseud. Betty Bond], Milady (Jul 1937).

“Sissy Food,” The Southern Sportsman (Apr 1937).

“Speech Is Silver,” The Author and Journalist (May 1941.

“To By-Gone Days,” The Trailer Caravan (Mar-Apr 1937).

“Tune, Ahoy!” Toronto Star Weekly (10 Apr 1937).

“Very Much Alive; 'Who's Kikin',” Roanoke Radius (Jun 1935).

“When It's Apple Blossom Time in Acadie,” The Christian Advocate (20 Jun 1935).

“Who Can't Cook,” The Southern Sportsman (Dec 1936).



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