The Dr. Christian show captivated radio audiences from 1937 to 1953. It spun off six independently produced motion pictures, released between 1939 and 1941. The stories of Doctor Christian depicted the life of a physician in River's End, a small rural town, at a time when life was much simpler--when doctors actually made house calls!


“The Ring,” CBS, Dr. Christian (1st prize winning radio play for 1943), 16 Jun 1943; repeat, 26 Feb 1947.

“Prescription for Trouble,” CBS, Dr. Christian (Written by Nelson Bond's wife, Betty; 3rd prize winning radio play for 1943), 4 Aug 1943.

“The Gift,” CBS, Dr. Christian, 22 Dec 1943.

"The Fugitive," CBS, Dr. Christian, 20 Dec 1944.

“The Failure,”  CBS, Dr. Christian, 8 Nov 1944.

“Aftermath,” CBS, Dr. Christian, 12 Dec 1947.



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