Death Valley Days  began on radio in September 1930 on NBC. In 1941 it moved to CBS and in 1944 was renamed Death Valley Sheriff. In 1945 it became simply The Sheriff. Its last episode was broadcast in September 1951. The following year it began its television run with its original name. Its final episode aired in 1970. Nelson Bond wrote half-hour scripts for the series in 1945, when it was known as both the Death Valley Sheriff and The Sheriff.  His files refer to it as “The Sheriff Show.”

During the time that Nelson wrote, the series told the adventures of Mark Chase, Sheriff of Canyon County, California, with comic relief provided by the sheriff's housekeeper, Cassandra Drinkwater, known affectionately as Cousin Cassie. The Sheriff was played by Bob Haag and Cassie by Olyn Landick


Graphic courtesy of US Borax

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