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Nelson Bond was one of the pioneering script writers for television during the 1940/50s. When he wrote television was "live," which was before the use of film and later video tape brought an end to the immediacy of broadcast TV. Nelson preferred to work alone, and most of his work consists of scripts for theater dramas. With the rise of the popular weekly series in the 1950s, in which producers began to bring together teams of writers, he ceased television script writing.







RADIO CITY PLAYHOUSE (NBC - 30 Minutes - live - 1949)
   “The Mask of Medusa”

(30 minutes - film - 1952/1953)

   “Al Haddon's Lamp”
   “The Bacular Clock”
   “Conquerors' Isle”
   “The Devil You Say”
   “The Housekeeper”
   “The Juvenile Genius”
   “The Mask of Medusa”
   “My Nephew Norvell”
   “Peterson's Eye”
   “Bird of Prey”

ROD BROWN OF THE ROCKET RANGERS (CBS - 30 minutes - live - 1953)
   “The Air Eaters of Titian”
   “The Death Ball”
   “The Napoleon of Space”

STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD (CBS - 30 Minutes - live - 1952)
   “Under a Lucky Star”

STUDIO ONE (CBS - 60 Minutes - live - 1951)
   “The Night America Trembled

SUSPENSE (30 Minutes - live - 1949)
   “The Mask of Medusa”

TALES OF TOMORROW (ABC - 30 Minutes - live)
   “Test Flight”
(Aired - 26 Oct 1951).
   “The Mask of Medusa” (Aired - 2 Jan 1953).
   “The Conqueror's Isle” (Aired - 9 Jan 1953).

TWILIGHT THEATER (ABC-TV - 30 Minutes - live)
   “The Mask of Medusa” (Aired - 2 1953).

X MINUS 1 (NBC-TV - 30 Minutes - live).
   “Vital Factor” (30 Nov 1955).

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