The following individuals and institutions assisted in developing this exhibit, either by providing materials or allowing the use of their materials.

Don Allen, who supplied up-dated information about Carpenter’s Mate George Addison.

Anne Cleave, Meyerside Maritime Museum, National Museums Liverpool, England, for the use of photographs taken on the CSS Alabama.

E. Chambré Hardman Archive, Liverpool, England, for the image of the first page of the contract for  vessel no. 290 (CSS Alabama) in Laird Son’s and Company contract book, p. 178.

Jack Dickinson, Bibliographer, Rosanna Blake Library, Marshall University, for assistance in providing materials and in support of the creation of the exhibit.

Terry Foenander, who has an excellent web page devoted the Civil War Navies, for permission to use the article in the July 1864 National Eagle, and assistance in contacting Mr. Peter Lee, concerning the photograph of the CSS Alabama.

Information Delivery Services and Circulation, Marshall University Libraries, for providing books used in researching the project.

Jessica Lacher-Feldman, Hoole Special Collections Library, University of Alabama, for the use of items from its collection on the CSS Alabama.

Kip Lee Lin, owner of the photograph of the CSS Alabama in Singapore, and his nephew, Peter Lee, who gave permission to use the photography.

Dr. Gary McKay for calling our attention to an overlooked error in the spelling of name of James and Irvine Bulloch.

Jack O'Brien, for his donations to the Blake Library of the Seitz lithograph of “The Fight between the Kearsarge and the Alabama,” assorted newspaper clippings, and other items about the CSS Alabama, which provided the impetus for the exhibit.

Library of Congress, for use of materials from its online Civil War Sheet Music Collection and American Memory project.

Special Collections Library, Duke University, and the Library of Congress,  for their collaborative online “Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920,” a part of the American Memory program.

The US Department of State for the use of its online concise statement of the story of the Alabama Claims after the Civil War.

The US Naval Historical Center for the use of its online graphical materials on the CSS Alabama and USS Kearsarge, which added to the visual presentation of the exhibit.


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