Getting into Position
End of the Duel
Fight between the Kearsage and the Alabama
The Kearsarge sinks the Alabama
Alabama Sinking
The Yacht Deerhound
Alabama Sinks as the Deerhound Watches
Deerhound Steams to the Rescue
Deerhound Moves in to Rescue Survivors
Deerhound Rescues Some of the Survivors
A Pilot Boat Rescues Some of the Survivors
End of the Duel
Last of the Alabama
Sinking of the Alabama
Sinking of the Pirate Alabama
Alabama Settling Stern Foremost


   These illustrations of  the CSS Alabama’s engagement with the USS Kearsage  depict the final stages of the combat. They show the ship’s crew abandoning the Alabama, and the vessel sliding below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. At the end, the yacht Deerhound moves in to rescue many of the ship’s crew struggling in the water.
Created and maintained by Lisle Brown, Curator Special Collections
2007, Special Collections, Marshall University