Painting of CSS Alabama

   Sinclair, Two Years on the Alabama,  p. 266

   A note written by a survivor, likely
   Lt. Arthur Sinclair, for Evan Jones,
         Captain of the Deerhound.

     Pete Duncan            Seaman
     James Mair                    do
     John Roberts           Seaman
     Christian Pust          Seaman
     Christian Olsen        Seaman
     James King               Seaman
     David William          O.S.
     Peter Hughes           Boatsw Mate
     Martin King             Fireman
     Wm  M.Ginley        Capt Coxswain
     Jas Mason               Seaman
     Saml Williams               "
     Thos Winter                 "
      Robt Wright           Capt. M. Top
     John Neil                 [Seaman]
     Jacob Berbor [Verber]   Seaman
     D. H. Llewellyn
     Jas Hart                     Seaman

           This list is not complete.
  Here is a list of the Alabama’s crew
   that includes the casualties suffered.
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