Alabama and the Texan Star
Alabama and the Tonowanda
Alabama and the Virginia
Alabama and the Ariel
L’Alabama et du Morning Star
Alabama and the Morning Star
Alabama and the USS Hatteras
Alabama and the Lamplighter
Alabama Chases the Brilliant
Alabama Boards the Brilliant
Alabama Burns the Brilliant
A Clipper Escapes the Alabama
The Straits of Magellan
The Pirate’s Decoy
Alabama Survives a Cyclone
Alabama In a Cyclone

   The CSS Alabama was “hot copy” in newspapers during the Civil War. The following graphics are mainly line illustrations taken from newspapers of  the period, depicting the Alabama’s activities in capturing or burning a variety of United States vessels.
    There are also additional depictions of the Alabama’s activities, taken from a number of books published in the late 1800’s.
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