King. The Alabama (song)
La Heche. The Alabama (piano)
Eastburn. The Last of the Alabama (song)
De Bubna. The Last of the Alabama (march)
Wilder. The Alabama and Kearsarge (song)
Steele. Sinking of the Pirate Alabama (song)
Nicol. Fate of the Pirate Alabama (song)
Roll, Alabama Roll (sea shanty)
Bell. The Alabama
Oliver. The Alabama
Mitchell. The Kearsarge
Anonymous. Sinking of the Rebel Corsair

   A selection of instrumental music, songs, and poetry composed about the Alabama and the Kearsarge. Most were first published during Civil War, both in the South and the North.

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        American  Historic Sheet Music
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                    Duke University
              Durham, North Carolina
      Civil War Sheet Music Collection
                  Library of Congress
                    Washington, D.C.

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