S T E E R A G E   O F F I C E R S
Midshipman William H. Sinclair
Midshipman E Anderson Maffitt
Midshipman E. Maffitt Anderson
Secretary W. Breedlove Smith
Master’s Mate George T. Fulham
Master’s Mate James Evans
Master’s Mate Max Von Meulnier
Master’s Mate Julius Schroeder
1st Asst. Engineer William P. Brooks
2nd Asst. Engineer Matthew O’Brien
3rd Asst. Engineer Simeon W. Cummings
3rd Asst. Engineer John Pundt
3rd Asst. Engineer William Robertson

  Steerage officers were typically men holding a warrant rank. On the Alabama the starboard steerage was midshipmen and master’s mates, while the port steerage was for the engineers. They were furnished with lockers and slept in berths.
   Steerage officers were assistant engineers, master’s mates, secretaries to the commanding officer, and clerks to the paymaster. On smaller vessels, where space was at a premium, midshipmen were frequently assigned to the steerage; such was the case on the Alabama.
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