W A R D R O O M   O F F I C E R S
1st Lieut. John McIntosh Kell
2nd Lieut. Richard F. Armstrong
3rd Lieut. Joseph D. Wilson
4th Lieut. John Low
4th Lieut. Arthur Sinclair, Jr.
Act. 5th Lieut. Irvine S. Bulloch
Paymaster Clarence R. Yonge
Surgeon Francis L. Gault
Assist Surgeon D. Herbert Llewellyn
Chief Engineer Miles J. Freeman
Captain Beckett K. Howell, CSMC

  The wardroom was the room with adjacent small cabins on a ship where commissioned officers kept their spare wearing apparel and personal effects. These officers would mess together as well. The rooms were assigned according to rank.
    Wardroom officers typically included the ship’s executive officer, lieutenants, masters, midshipmen, surgeons, paymasters, chief engineer, Marine officers, and chaplains.
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