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T H A N K S   &    A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of the following persons, whose generous help made this exhibit possible.

Fred Armstrong (Director, Archives and History Section, West Virginia Divsion of Culture and History) for the use of still images and moving images from the WV State archives; Richard Fauss (Audio/Moving Images Archivist, Archives and History Section) for converting 16mm film to digital format; and Debra Basham (Document and Photo Archivist) for help with photographs and documents in the WV State archives.

Norman Jordan, author of "An African American Landmark in Fayette County: Camp Washington-Carver," for permission to use his article, first published in the Winter 1999 issue of Goldenseal.

Terry Hackney (Supervisior, Camp Washington Carver) for his hospitality in guiding me around Camp Washington-Carver and for the use of still images in his files.

Ellen Hassig Ressmeyer (Librarian/Archivist, West Virginia State College) for her assistance in research in the Camp Washington-Carver materials and the use of still images in the WVSC archives.

Erica McClung (Reference Librarian, Cabell County Public Library) for her help in providing published materials on Camp Washington-Carver.

Andy Earles (Electronic Media Technician, Special Collections, Marshall University) for his work in preparing and editing the digital audio and video materials used in this exhibition; and Lori Thompson (Student Assistant) for her work in the converting oral history audio tapes into digital format.

Ardian Lawson (General Manager, Instructional Television and Video Services, Marshall University), Richard Hanewald (Streaming Systems Administrator), and Eric Swisher (Production Assistant) for their assistance with digital moving images and digital streaming services.

--Lisle Brown


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