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   ROBERT LUM DAY, the son of Sidney Brookfield Day and Rebecca Morehouse Lum, was born in Georgia in 1853. The Dayís were Unionists, who refused to support the Confederacy, and as a result the family lost their jewelry business during the Civil War. Leaving the South, Robert worked as a surveyor for his uncle, Martin Lum, who was a chief construction engineer for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Settling in Huntington, WV, he went to work for the Ensign Manufacturing Company. In 1900 he began a contracting business, to which he added work as an architect. He lived most of his life at 64 West Sixth Avenue. His offices were located in the Frederick Hotel building. He became a skilled concrete builder, especially in the use of fireproof construction, and received several patents for his work with reinforced concrete. Some of his work included the Catlettsburg, KY, City Hall and the Miller & Ritter Building City. His final work was the west wing of the Cabell County Court House.
     In 1884 he married Mary Martha Johnson. The couple had two children, a daughter, Florence, who died in infancy, and a son, Sidney Logan Day. He retired in 1924 and died four years later.

Robert L. day
Robert L. Day

   SIDNEY LOGAN DAY was born in Huntington, West Virginia, in 1887. He graduated from Marshall College (now Marshall University), class of 1906. He worked with his father, gaining skills as a builder/architect, as well as taking correspondence courses in architecture. To further his education he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating in 1912 with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture. He returned to Huntington in 1913 and joined his fatherís business as an architect. His work was interrupted by the First World War, when he joined the army in August 1918. He was trained as an aerial photographer for the 29th Infantry Division. After his discharge in December 1918 he returned to his work with his father. After his father retired in 1924 he continued working as an architect. His work included many churches, businesses and residences in Huntington and Cabell County. Among them were the Foster Memorial Home, the Beverly Hills and Highlawn Presbyterian churches, the Hite-Saunders and Emmons schools, as well as the Huntington Publishing Company building.
     He married Sadie Parker in 1921, and the couple had two daughters, Kathryn Parker Day and Mary Johnson Day. He remodeled a frame house on Jefferson Avenue in west Huntington into two apartments; he lived in one unit until he designed and built his own house next door. Both houses still stand. He died on February 22, 1968. His wife died in 1970.
Sidney L. Day
Sidney L. Day
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