Duke Cigarette Booklets of Civil War Generals


General A.S. Johnston

"It has been said of General Albert Sidney Johnston that 'so gifted was he by nature with dignity, and with power over men, that he seemed born to command'."


General R.E. Lee

"Lord Wolseley, who visited General Lee's headquarters in 1862, subsequently wrote that 'Lee is stamped in my memory as a being apart and superior to all others in every way'."


General J.C. Pemberton

"General Pemberton was of English descent, and belonged to one of the oldest and most respectable of American families."


General R.S. Ewell

"General Ewell was a native of Georgetown, District of Columbia, and was born February 8, 1817."


General N.B. Forrest

"While to the soldier the value of an education is almost incalculable, bravery and a record of gallant deeds are not always fostered by the training of the mind."


General E.J. Johnston

"There was no Confederate commander so remarkable for long foresight and for the exact fulfilment of prophetic words as the subject of this notice."