Dr. George J. Hill portrait

Photograph from the dust jacket of
Dr. Hill's book, Leprosy in Five Young Men.


    I wish to acknowledge the generosity of Dr. George Hill and his wife, Helene, for the donation of their collection of books and pamphlets on leprosy to the Dr. Charles “Carl” Hoffman Library of the History of Medical Sciences in the Marshall University Libraries many years ago. Without their gift this exhibit would not have been possible.
   Further, I appreciate the support of Dr. Hill in allowing the use of the  photograph in  his naval uniform and his personal account of how he came to gather his leprosy materials. He also added an additional autographed copy of his book, Leprosy in Five Young, for the collection. The book is extremely difficult to find.
     Dr. Hill has had many varied experiences during his life. He has created a web page that contains a lot of information about his career in medicine, service in the military, success as an author,  longstanding commitment to the Boy Scouts of America, and  love of the nature and outdoors.  I recommend all to visit  it.

     Prof. Lisle G Brown, M.A., M.L.S.
     Curator of Special Collections
     Marshall University

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