Dust jacket of Dr. Hill's book on leprosy.

Origin of the Hill Leprosy Collection

     Dr. Hill describes why he gathered together his collection of books and pamphlets on leprosy:

     “When I was a medical officer in the U.S. Public Health Service in 1962, I was assigned to work on a leprosy research project. After I left the USPHS in 1963 and returned to civilian life, I drew the results of this project together for publication. There was so much information that I finally decided to put it into the form of a book, and with permission from the USPHS, it [Leprosy in Five Young Men] was published by the Colorado Associated University Press in 1970.
     As I was doing background research for this book, I began to read as much as I could about this interesting disease, and to acquire what I could that was available on the market. My wife and I then continued to collect items related to leprosy for another ten years or so.
     We began to think that our collection would probably be more useful if we gave it to a library than if we kept it for ourselves. Inasmuch as Marshall University was preparing to accept the books and papers that our friend Dr. Carl Hoffman had collected, we decided to add our collection to his—or to allow the Marshall University Library to put it somewhere else, if that might be a better way to handle it. We are glad to learn that it has been preserved and will now be more widely accessible.”

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