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<                                            CREDITS FOR GRAPHICS USED
                 The portraits used in this exhibit came from the following sources:

  Jean Astruc (Public domain image  from U.S. National  Library of  Medicine)
  Benjamin Bell (Free scan [ID: 000-000-151-315-C ] from Edinburgh University Library ).
   Lorenzo Bellini  (Scanned from L. Bellini, Opera omina, 1782).
   Xavier Bichat
(Public domain image from French Wikipedia).
  John Blackall  (Free scan [ID: 000-000-522-914-C ] from Edinburgh University Library ).
  Johann F. Blumenbach  (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  John Redman Coxe (Public domain image from National Library of Medicine)
  Jean-Nicholas Corvisart  (Public domain image on French Wikipedia).
  Pedanius Dioscorides (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  Robley Dunglison  (Courtesy of Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore
       Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia).
  John Floyer (Image from British Medical Journal, 1969, I, 242-245, Jan 25, 1969).
   William Fergusson (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  Pieter van Foreest  (Public domain image from Jean-Jacques, Bibliotheca
, 1652-69).
John Freind (Public domain image from British National Portrait Gallery).
  Samuel David Gross (Courtesy of Thomas Jefferson University Archives and
      Special  Collections).

  John Hunter (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  Francois Magendie  (Scanned from R. Major, History of Medicine, 1954).
  Joseph Francois Malagaine (Public domain image  from U.S. National  Library of
  Richard Mead (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  Benjamin Rush (Public domain image from Wikipedia).
  Nathan Smith (Scanned from H.A. Kelly, Cyclopedia of American Medical



Valerie Adkins, Marshall University history graduate student, did all the initial scanning of Hoffman Library title pages. She also conducted much of the biographical research on the various physicians.

Dr. Lawrence M. Wyner, M.D., Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University, for permission to use his biographical sketch of Dr. Hoffman.

Lisle Brown, Curator of Special Collections, did the final editing of all the graphics used in the display. He also prepared the final textual matter, as well as designing and coding the exhibit's final graphical appearance.









Maintained by Lisle Brown, Curator, Special Collections
2005, Special Collections, Marshall University