Title page of John Armstrong's Typus Fever, 1822.
Hoffman  RC199 .A7 1821


            JOHN ARMSTRONG (1784-1829)

   John Armstrong was a prominent English physician who was appointed to the London Fever Hospital. His book, Practical Illustrations of Typhus Fever, was first published at London in 1816, and was one of his many publications that led to his increased reputation. Not knowing the true cause of typhus, he theorized about several different types of typhus, their history, diagnosis, and treatment.
    Typus fever is transmitted by contact with animals, usually rats, that have fleas carrying the bacterium. In Armstrong's day physicians often confused Typhus and Malaria, even coining the term, typho-malaria, thinking they were the same disease. William Osler finally debunked the notion.
     This copy of Armstrong's book was published in the United States in 1822 and is based on the third English edition. Nathaniel Potter was a well known American physician, who published a number of his own treatises, as well as editing this edition of Armstrong's work in Typhus Fever.




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