Title page of Jean Astruc's De morbis venereis, 1740.
Hoffman   RC201.45 .A75


                JEAN ASTRUC (1684-1766)

    Jean Austruc was educated at Montpellier, one of the great schools of medicine in early modern Europe, where he received his masters degree when only seventeen, and at nineteen he submitted his dissertation on decomposition for his doctorate of medicine. He became one of the most learned men of 18th Century France, publishing books in both medicine and religion.
     In medicine he is best known for his invaluable history of venereal disease, De morbis venereis, first published in Latin in 1736. It was translated into English the next year. In it he included references to the writings of some six-hundred authors, as well as arguing that sailors returning with Columbus after discovering America introduced syphilis to Europe.
     This is a copy of the second edition, published in 1740. The Hoffman Library also has a copy of the first, 1736, edition (Hoffman DC200.A2.A88 1736).


Jean Astruc

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