Title page of Jean Louis Baudelocque's Midwifery, 1807
Hoffman RG93 .B33 1807a



    Jean Louis Baudelocque was a famous French obstetrician of the eighteenth century. Napoleon invited him to attend the Empress Marie-Louise in her first confinement, and he was also engaged to look after the Queen of Holland and the Grand Duchess of Berg 
     He is chiefly remembered for developing the technique for measuring the pelvis before delivery--the pelvimeter. He was one of the first doctors to provide medical instruction to midwives, as well as medical students.
     His writings on obstetrics were well respected and his classic text on midwifery, L’art des accouchemens  was published in 1781 and was used widely. It was reissued in many translations.
    In 1790 John Heath translated L’art des accouchemens into English, as a System of Midwifery. This copy of Heath's translation was published by William P. Dewees in 1807 at Philadelphia.








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