Title page of Lorenzo Bellini's Opera omina, 1732
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            LORENZO BELLINI (1643-1704)

    Lorenzo Bellini was an Italian physician and anatomist. By the age of 23 he had already begun his research into the structure of the kidneys and had described the ducts known by his name. He published his findings in 1662 in Exercitatio anatomica de structura et usu renum. It became one of his best known treatises.
    In 1863 he published De urinis et pulsibus, in which he recognized the value of urine in aiding diagnosis.
    He was a professor and chair of anatomy at the University of Pisa.  After spending thirty years at Pisa, he was became the personal physician to the Grand Duke Cosimo III, and was also made senior consulting physician to Pope Clement XI. 
    His works were published in a collected form after his death as Opera omnia at Venice in 1708.   This is a copy of the second edition of Opera omnia, published in 1732

Portrait of Lorenzo Bellini

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