Title page of Xavier Bichat's Pathological Anatomy, 1827.
Hoffman RB25 .B58


                XAVIER BICHAT (1771-1802)

     From his systematic study of human tissues, Xavier Bichat is considered the father of modern histology and modern pathology,  Working before the discovery of the microscope he was the first to recognize the significance of tissue, establishing a system for describing normal and pathological structure based on tissues rather than on organs.
     This work on pathology is considered to be Bichat’s most important contribution to medicine. Pathological Anatomy, is one of three volumes for which he is famous; the other two dealt with general anatomy, Anatomie générale ; appliquée a la physiologie et a la médecin (Hoffman
QM23 .B5 1900), and membranes, Traité des membranes en général, et de diverses membranes en particulie (Hoffman QH601 .B46 1802 ), copies of which are in the Hoffman Library

Portrait of Xavier Bichat


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