Title page of Alexandre Francois Brierre de Boismont's Hallucinations, 1860.
Hoffman  BF1052 .B85


        BRIERRE DE BOISMONT (1798-1881)

   Alexandre Brierre de Boismont, a French physician, was the author of innumerable publications, in fields as varied as the neuropsychiatry, botany, anatomy, and surgery. But, he best known for his work in psychiatry.
   His most famous study, Des hallucinations, demonstrated that he considered hallucinations were an important part a mankindís psychological history. In his treatise he sought to explain the occurrence of hallucinations and presented a variety of clinical cases to illustrate his points.
   Translated into English as On Hallucinations, it was first published in American in 1853. This is a copy of the English translation that was published in 1860 in Columbus, Ohio.



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