Title page of Jean Nicolas Corvisart's Essay on Heart and Great Vessels, 1812.
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      JEAN NICOLAS CORVISART (1755-1821)

     Jean Nicolas Corvisart de Marets, the personal physician to Napoleon, is considered the founder of French clinical medicine. He popularized percussion of the chest as a diagnostic tool. Corvisart, and perhaps some of his pupils, were probably the only physicians in the world at the time who resorted to the simple and useful procedure of tapping the chest.
     But, his great contribution concerned the heart, which he published in 1806 as Essai sur les maladies et les lésions organiques du coeurt et des gros vaisseaux. It remains a classic in cardiac literature. In it he described for the first time the symptoms of heart disease, differentiating between cardiac and pulmonary disease.
    This translation, An Essay on the Organic Diseases and Lesions of the Heart and Great Vessels, was made by Jacob Gates and was published in Boston in 1812.



Portrait of Jean Nicolas Corvisart.



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