Title page of John R. Coxe's Vaccination for Cow Pock, 1802.
Hoffman  RA644.S6 C7 1802


           JOHN REDMAN COXE (1773-1864)

    After studying medicine in England, John Redman Coxe returned to America to study under Benjamin Rush, receiving his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  He opened his practice of medicine in Philadelphia. He and Rush became good friends and associates, and in 1793 they fought a yellow fever epidemic that city.
    From his experiences he published his  Practical Observations on Vaccination, in which he championed inoculation, seeking to dispel ignorance and prejudice against this new practice.  He inoculated himself and his son Edward Jenner Coxe, the first to be inoculating in Philadelphia, proving its value to the citizens of the city.
    This is copy of the first edition which was published  in 1898 only four years after Edward Jenner's  treatise on cow pox, which first advocated inoculation against the disease.



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