Title page of William Currie's Historical Account of Climate, 1792
Hoffman  RA804 .C8


              WILLIAM CURRIE (1754-1828)

     William Currie first considered studying theology, but then turned to medicine, graduating with medical degree. He served as a surgeon during the American Revolution.
    In his work on climate and disease he sought to provide a general view of these subjects about the new nation, one of the earliest attempts in climatic medical research. His work provided the first overview of the geographic nature of disease and health throughout the United States. In his book he proceeds geographically from north, to south, discussing the climate and diseases of each of the thirteen states, as well as including meteorological tables and mortality statistics.
    This is the first edition, published in 1792 at Philadelphia. The Hoffman Library also has Currie's A View of Diseases most Prevalent in the United States of America, published in 1811 (Hoffman RA804 .C87).












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