Title page of Pedanius Dioscordides' De medica materia, 1543.
Hoffman RD126.D56 1543


             PEDANIUS DIOSCORIDES  (d. 50)

    Pedanius Dioscorides, a Greek citizen of Cilicia, accompanied the Roman armies as a physician. While on his journeys he collected information on plants which he compiled into a five-volume work, De medica materia. It was the first systematic pharmacopoeia, containing descriptions of nearly 600 plants, as well as 1000 different medications.
    The Arabs preserved De medica materia, which was translated back into Latin by the 10th century.  Although Dioscorides' work had some an impact on therapeutics before the sixteenth century, it did not become a dominant and authoritative source until the Renaissance.
     This is a copy of Book 5, translated by John Ruellio, was published in 1543.

Portrait of Pedanius Dioscorides





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