Title page of Robley Dunglison's Elements of Hygiene, 1835.
HoffmanRA776 .D92 1835


            ROBLEY DUNGLISON ( 1798-1869)

    Dunglison was an eminent English physician, who emigrated to the United States when Thomas Jefferson offered him the chair of anatomy and physiology at the University of Virginia. He later moved to Jefferson Medical College where he remained for the rest of his life.
    Dunglison was one of America’s most prolific medical authors, publishing many of his books, as well as translations of texts by prominent physicians of Europe. In his books he did not offer much original work, but what he wrote was readable and accurate, and they were widely used throughout the United States during the early 19th Century.
    This is a copy of his Elements of Hygiene, published in 1835 in Philadelphia.
    The Hoffman Library also has the following books written by Dunglison: 2 editions of Dictionary of Medical Science (Hoffman R121 .D9 1856 , and HoffmanR121 .D9 1874); Human Physiology (Hoffman QP34 .D86 1856); New Remedies (Hoffman RS155 .D9 1856); and The Practice of Medicine (Hoffman RC46 .D922). It also has a copy of The Jefferson-Dunglison Letters, published y the University of Virginia in 1960 (Hoffman E332.88 .D75).


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