Hoffman  RC46 .H52


               ROBERT HOOPER (1773-1835)

     Robert Hooper was a successful London physician, who gave lectures on medicine in his home, gathering quite a fallowing. He was a medical writer, who made a special study of pathology. He produced many works dealing with botany, anatomy, and epidemiology.
   From his interest in pathological anatomy , he drew together his notes  and published The Physician’s Vade Mecum. The book proved very popular and passed through a number of subsequent editions.
     This book has been used as a source of terms in the early 19th century
and it remains yet a primary source for terms used throughout 19th century. Indeed many of the terms in the book remain in common use today.
     The Hoffman Library also has a 1824 copy of another of his most popular books, the Lexion medicum, a medical dictionary (Hoffman R121 .H76 1824)
     This is a copy of the first American edition, published in 1809, which was "adapted to the American climate."


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